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Sex and Dying In a High Society

X The Band
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Sport the new banner for us.

Your Mods
lexicondevil77 - Bobby Crash (AIM and Yahoo)
madame_x_ - Exene (AIM and Yahoo)
hobophobic_jerk - Mike Hawk (AIM and hotmail)

- Dont post Other communities in this community without permission. Its very annoying.
- Keep the community ALIVE.
- please post any pictures behind a cut.
- Dont disrespect other peoples opinions.
- Try to promote this community as much as possible.
- play nice.
- Did I already type this, KEEP THE COMMUNITY ALIVE!

Fill this out once you join:

1) Name/age/location:
2) Why do you like X?
3) Where did you first hear X?
4) Ever see X live?
5) Favorite X song?
6) Favorite member?
7) Favorite Band?
8) Bands you like the most?
9) Why did you join this community?
10) A picture of yourself if you'd like to share.

This Community is for all those X lovers! Post anything that has to do with X: related project, things about songs, pictures of X, good stories you know about X, and just about anything with X!

Try and keep this community Alive please. Dont let it go to waste...we took some good time making it!

Like X, well join my other community THE GERMS. Darby was the one who said X was the best band ever!