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My X obsession has never died.

1) Name/age/location:

Shawn, no comment, Boston

2) Why do you like X?

The world's a mess, it's in my kiss. Because they seemed really honest when I was in high school and needed honesty.

3) Where did you first hear X?

On WKNC, NC State College Radio

4) Ever see X live?

Yes, at Avalon in Boston; awesome show, after they decided to not record new material but tour with all the old classics.

5) Favorite X song?

It's a toss-up: White Girl or Adult Books

6) Favorite member?

Exene: hippie punk super mama!

7) Favorite Band?

Cocteau Twins

8) Bands you like the most?

the Cure, Lush, Pixies, Chic, New Order, Prince, the Police, David Bowie, Kate Bush

9) Why did you join this community?

To see pictures of X and get updates on their tours and other projects.

10) A picture of yourself if you'd like to share.

there are some in my userpics
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